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Today’s greater emphasis on customer experience management means finding and resolving issues more quickly, preferably before your customers are even aware of them. Spirent develops innovative hardware and software solutions and test methodologies which help shorten customer product development cycle, improve the quality of services, whilst reducing cost and risk.

Satellite positioning has a rapidly widening range of applications – from military and intelligent transport systems to cameras, wearables, drones and tablets. But integrating a GPS or multi-GNSS receiver into a system – and verifying that the system works accurately everywhere—can be a challenge.

In developing the next generation of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) services or devices and you need to deliver the best possible accuracy, availability, integrity, and performance, or verify that the system works accurately everywhere, then Spirent has the tools.

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GSS9000 GNSS/GPS Simulator

To develop positioning, navigation and timing systems for military, space, research and other high-precision applications you require sophisticated and highly comprehensive testing. The GSS9000 GPS/GNSS simulator is the ultimate GNSS/GPS test solution, giving the very best in performance, flexibility and capability of any GNSS test solution, anywhere.

The power and flexibility of the GSS9000 with SimGEN™ make it the fundamental platform on which many customised solutions can be built, from wavefront simulation for CRPA test to bespoke signal generation and manipulation for specialised requirements.

GSS7000 Multi-GNSS, Multi-Frequency Constellation Simulators

Accessible, flexible and modular configurations… the GSS7000 supports any combination of GPS/SBAS/QZSS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou-2 signals, for testing all types of signals. Software, constellations and options can be added via easy, affordable in-field upgrades.

Up to 256 channels are supported across 4 frequency bands allowing full simultaneous simulation of all GNSS systems plus more than enough channels for rich multipath.

Choose from 4 software packages (SimTEST, SimREPLAY, SimREPLAYplus, or SimGEN) to suit different test requirements, applications and test budgets.

GSS6700 Multi-GNSS Constellation Simulator

The GSS6700 provides an easy-to-use but powerful solution for GNSS testing which can grow with your evolving needs. Used by R&D, verification and integration teams, it offers a comprehensive set of features to help improve your designs.

The GSS6700 may be specified in a range of configurations from GPS only to GPS + GLONASS + Galileo + BeiDou-2 + QZSS multi-GNSS systems. Constellations may be enabled at the factory or by subsequent field upgrade.

GSS6300M GPS/GNSS Simulator

GSS6300M is the ideal entry-level multi-channel GNSS simulator for busy production testing environments and receiver integrators. Absolute, repeatable, position accuracy – an order of magnitude better than systems under test.

Multi-constellation simulation – up to 36 channels are supported with 4/8 channels of simulation per constellation.

Multi-channel GPS/SBAS L1 C/A and/or QZSS and/or GLONASS L1 C/A and/or BeiDou-2 and/or Galileo E1 signals and is software upgradeable for increased test capabilities, such as trajectory generation, receiver antenna patterns and multipath effects.

GSS6450 GNSS RF Record & Playback System

With a choice of 4, 8, 16 bit I/Q quantisation, and up to 50MHz recording bandwidth over multiple GNSS frequencies the GSS6450 is an ideal system for demanding test applications: from 4-bit GNSS chipset R&D, to interference and jamming analysis and high-end GNSS system test.

Record up to 200MHz bandwidth of data, 4 GNSS frequency bands simultaneously.

GSS6425 GNSS Record & Playback Test System

Field testing is a crucial stage in the development of any location-enabled technology with increased capabilities to capture real world GNSS signals, and replay them in the laboratory.

Wide range of constellations supported – the GSS6425 can record and replay multiple frequencies from all global navigation satellite systems. It can capture GPS L1/L2/L5, GLONASS L1/L2/L3, Beidou-2 B1/B2/B3, Galileo E1/E1a/E5a/E5b/E6, QZSS L1/L2/L5, SBAS signals and services (Terrastar, Omnistar, StarFire).

Unbeatable Value – the self contained unit has everything you need to start testing.


Evaluate vulnerability to spoofing – SimSAFE™ is a software application that interfaces with SimGEN™ to facilitate laboratory evaluation of GNSS receiver vulnerability to spoofing signals and the development of effective countermeasures allowing users to evaluate a receiver’s vulnerability to a wide range of simulated spoofing and data replay attacks.

By allowing user-defined modification of key parameters such as power, pseudo-range and navigation message content of one (“hoax”) signal with respect to a reference (“genuine”) signal, SimSAFE allows the user to emulate a spoofing attack whilst simultaneously monitoring (logs and displays) a range of receiver observables to evaluate the response of a receiver to the simulated attacks.


Fast-track your integrated GPS/Inertial & Inertial Sensor system testing.

Testing the full operational performance of GPS/inertial systems usually requires expensive and time-consuming field testing on an appropriate moving vehicle platform. The SimINERTIAL system emulates inertial sensor outputs while concurrently simulating GPS RF signals, thereby enabling controlled, repeatable testing of integrated GPS and inertial units, and reducing the need for field trials.

The SimINERTIAL architecture is compatible with a wide range of Inertial sensor simulations. NATO STANAG and Atlantic Inertial Systems are supported, as well as a wide range of Honeywell and Northrop Grumman IGI and IMU interfaces, for authorized customers.
Spirent’s optional SimDATA product can also be used to fulfil core control and display unit (CDU) functions.