Navigation Engineering & 3D Spatial Sciences

Navigation Engineering & 3D Spatial Sciences

Real Time Stockpile Mapping (RTSM)

3D Real-time Stockpile Mapping (RTSM) has been referred to as “The Holy Grail” by the mining bulk materials handling industry.  Multiple port and mine site facilities have expressed a “desperation” for technologies which deliver highly accurate 3D spatial stockpile maps in real time. Significant automation, productivity improvements, operational safety, and product accounting/audit (Aust Standards) compliance are all then realized immediately.

Latest automotive Adaptive Cruise Control Radar 76GHz (ACCR-76) technologies (driver assist /driverless) offer the best long term prospects for practical usage in robust mining environments, (dirt, heat, vibration, moisture, etc.). Unlike expensive LIDAR (lasers), low cost ACCR-76 is the most enduring technology available for delivering many years of reliable service, with virtually no routine maintenance required.

RTSM system integrates advanced automotive ACCR-76 technologies with highly accurate platform navigation provided by 3D-SAM and simple to use software, enabling stockpiles to be monitored and managed safely through an automated and fully integrated process.

RTSM provides up to date inventory that reflects both current and past (from data archive) stock levels and can display how stockpiles have changed over time. Traditionally volume measurements have required regular surveys of the surfaces followed by a comparison to a reference plane or datum which, through conventional methods, is both resource intensive and costly. RTSM automation enables continuous mapping providing instant stockpile volumetric surveys as the machines routinely work.

The ACCR-76 technology has been specifically be design for the harsh automotive environments, unaffected by temperature, vibration and moisture, these rugged automotive sensors are designed and tested for high safety applications. Standardised manufacturing processes and automotive qualified electronic device testing (AEC Q100) guarantee the best quality and reliability.

As very affordable sensors, several can be deployed around a machine to provide multiple scan data sets in all directions. The RTSM Controller simply combines all 3D spatial data, from both sensors and machines to produce the yardwide 3D stockpile maps.

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