GMMR GBAS Multi Mode Receiver (IGM)


For both advance and then post GRAS/GRAS ground installation, ongoing GNSS signal propagation and performance monitoring are essential for successful VHF station commissioning. The GMMR is designed as a highly reliable, adaptable low cost monitoring solution, (Airborne and/or Ground), for continuous reception and then implementation of VHF GRAS/GBAS signal trans missions . The GMMR delivers an extensive variety of processed DGPS navigation messages and other statistical outputs, while retaining high adaptability for interfacing to external bulk data storage and/or communication devices, (HDD and UDP internet transfers, etc).

The GMMR system consists of NovAtel OEM6 Receiver loaded with specialised internal firmware (API) configured to directly control a Telerad RE-9009A D8PSK VHF Receiver while also differentially processing in real time the incoming ICAO DO-246C messages, (GBAS Type 1,2,4 and GRAS Type 101) for any defined D8PSK slot.

Main features comprising the GMMR are:

  • Low cost and easy to deploy hardware solution that can be made operational within minutes of on-site arrival.
  • Real-time PC software for output performance monitoring and operator pre-mission system configuring.
  • GRAS/GBAS message compliance benchmarked against Spirent GG7700 & GSS4150 simulation system.
  • Rover platform GPS data source for aircraft flight/ trajectory post processing, (sub decimetre accuracies).

Main hardware items comprising the GVT Emulator are:

  • Telerad RE-9009A – D8PSK VHF Receiver
  • NovAtel Propak-V3 Receiver & ANT534 Ant – Precision GPS with internal API programming capability
  • Aircraft VHF Antenna – Aviation 120MHz VHF Reception Antenna linearly or elliptically polarised

For more specific information concerning GMMR and it’s future potential for your project please contact the engineering team.

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