Navigation Engineering & 3D Spatial Sciences

Navigation Engineering & 3D Spatial Sciences

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Through the unique combination of the company’s product portfolio and those of our suppliers, solutions to demanding navigation applications are close at hand. The ability to accurately determine position, “Global Positioning”, anywhere in the world 24/7 is revolutionising all industries. Enormous benefits in operating efficiencies and profitability are being enjoyed by those organisations embracing this new technology, applying it directly for a cleaner, more profitable and sustainable environment. We continue to innovate and strengthen our position as a leader in navigation technologies.

Antcom offer rapid design, customisation and production of high performance GNSS, Satcom, Terrestrial antennas and more.

They manufacture an extensive range of single and multi-band GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS) and SBAS antennas and GNSS/Communication combination antennas for various critical ground, marine, aerospace, and application specific antennas such as Buoy, DAGR, Sextant Port, Geodetic, Timing antennas.

Inertial Labs is a designer, developer, and manufacturer of position and orientation tracking systems based on the combination of inertial sensors with a variety of other sensing technologies. With specific engineering expertise that includes the development of gyroscope technologies, gyro-compass systems, Kalman filter design, and sensor fusion; Inertial Labs engineers combine practical experience with PhD level academic knowledge.

GPS Networking, Inc., specialises in providing global positioning products and solutions that effectively distribute GPS/GNSS signal throughout both civilian and military sites and facilities.

They have developed countless GPS systems for safe use and operation, in both civilian and military markets. With their line of building block GPS products they can custom engineer your own GPS network.

They have the experience and expertise needed to create customized solutions for your application. GPS Networking has developed GPS/GNSS systems for many different applications, including Communications, Public Safety, Military, Aviation & Aerospace, Surveying & Mapping and Utilities Companies.