Navigation Engineering & 3D Spatial Sciences

Technology Project Design & Implementation

Engage the experts to help steer your new GNSS projects in the right directions. Our Engineering Services team over many years have assisted many organisations launch new GNSS projects by performing the early technical scoping work, typically involving:
A series of methodical steps used for conceptualising functional product including all internal software processes. Preliminary design typically employs mathematics and conceptual engineering processes to ensure future project outcomes meet the intended objectives. It also includes the establishment of future objectives and criterion for, synthesis, analysis, construction and final commission testing. By the end of this process the final product has been fully conceptualised and verified that all requirements have been addressed and are achievable.
Establishing the performance and operational requirements for the future GNSS project ensuring they are clear and well defined. This is about carefully establishing what is required of the GNSS portions of the project while operating in the future intended environment. When established, these requirements are typically managed in a database style format that are documented, actionable, measurable, testable, traceable, related to identified business needs or opportunities, and defined to sufficient detail to facilitate future system design. The process also takes into account of the possibly conflicting requirements of both the various stakeholders, and the technology performance trade-offs within the future project’s scope.

Typically, Trade Studies are used to identify the most balanced technical solution for either one or, a set of proposed solutions contained within the Preliminary Design. These studies are risk mitigation processes for judging the solution/s by their suitability for a series of measures/ cost functions mapped against project requirements. They may be either conflicting or even mutually exclusive, quarantining technical portions of the project’s preliminary design for unique and independent investigation, mitigating associated risk prior to committing the preliminary design for final detailed design implementation. Quarantined components /process prototyping and test jig validation typically characterise the activities associated this project engineering activity. Typically, each study is concluded by a detailed report describing the specific findings.

Our Engineering Services have both the experience and skills to fill the technology gaps for companies or organisations that don’t either have the specific GNSS technical expertise “in house”, OR, for those projects where the client is simply under resourced for delivery within specific times frames.