Navigation Engineering & 3D Spatial Sciences

Navigation Engineering & 3D Spatial Sciences

NovAtel Inc.

Ever wonder what technology drives the accuracy of unmanned maneuvers? The success of those maneuvers and other positioning and timing applications often comes from NovAtel’s GNSS technology.

NovAtel GNSS products have earned a reputation for leading the industry in performance, accuracy and innovation. They manufacture a full range of precise GNSS positioning products, including receivers, antennas, IMU’s and combined GNSS Inertial systems.

Their integrated global positioning solutions deliver success time and time again on land, sea and in the air and help many of the world’s leading companies stay in the lead by consistently delivering OEM global satellite positioning products that are recognised for their technical innovation, unsurpassed quality and industry-leading customer support.

Innovative firmware such as ALIGN® heading, GLIDE® smoothing and NovAtel CORRECT™ positioning will keep you in the lead. An Application Programming Interface (API) and a common user interface are standard.

Authorised defense customers need access to the Precise Positioning Service (PPS). When keyed, the OEM625S provides an RTK PPS solution by taking the raw measurements from an L-3 XFACTOR Selective Availability Anti Spoofing Module (SAASM) and applying them to NovAtel’s industry leading RTK algorithm.

NovAtel are part of the Hexagon Positioning Intelligence Group.

GPSat Systems are the exclusive distributor for NovAtel product in Australia and New Zealand.

NovAtel’s OEM GNSS receiver platform offers multi-constellation, multi-frequency tracking and features flexibility, low power consumption, field upgradeable software and comprehensive message suites for ease of configuration and data logging. As a true GNSS OEM provider, you can be confident that our products will not compete against your own products in the end user GNSS market place.

Setting the industry standard in product quality and customer support, NovAtel’s OEM receiver cards are easy to integrate and available in multiple hardware and software configurations.

Card level GNSS receivers in multiple hardware and software configurations are available in the OEM6 GNSS platform or enclosed in compact housings that provide ready to use interfaces and multiple connectivity options. Reliability is safeguarded by the extremely rugged and water resistant housings combined with wide operating temperature ranges.

Maximise your GNSS receiver’s positioning performance with the optimal GPS or GNSS antenna for your application.

NovAtel provides a wide range of high precision antenna options be it for high performance through to compact applications. Their antennas combine exceptional performance with unsurpassed reliability to suit a wide variety of markets and applications including:

NovAtel’s SPAN® technology tightly couples their OEM precision GNSS receivers with robust Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) to provide reliable, continuously available, position, velocity and attitude-even through short periods of time when satellite signals are blocked or unavailable. When combined, the two navigation techniques augment and enhance each other to create a powerful positioning system. The absolute position and velocity accuracy of the GNSS is used to compensate for the errors in the IMU measurements. The stable relative position of the INS can be used as a bridge to span times when the GNSS solution is degraded or unavailable. Data is available in real-time or can be postprocessed for workflows requiring the most robust solution possible and additional quality control.

A range of Receiver, IMU and Antenna options are available to meet accuracy and size requirements for nearly any application.

NovAtel SMART Antennas are high precision products that integrates NovAtel’s OEM6 Receiver and Pinwheel® antenna technologies in a single, rugged housing.

Software upgradable, they eliminate the need for costly hardware replacement as requirements change, while delivering scalable accuracy and performance offering single-frequency GLIDE® autonomous tracking to dual-frequency Real Time Kinematic (RTK), the SMART Antenna positions you for success.

Benefits include:

For applications requiring highly accurate postmission position, velocity or attitude, postprocessing is an ideal solution. Post-processing maximizes the accuracy of the solution by processing previously stored Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) data forward and reverse in time, and combining the results.

Inertial Explorer® (IE) maximizes the performance of your GNSS/INS hardware by ensuring you get the position, velocity and attitude accuracy your application requires. The tightly coupled integration of GNSS and IMU data delivers precise results, even when lower grade inertial sensors are used.

GrafNav post-processing software is a powerful, highly configurable processing engine that allows for the best possible static or kinematic GNSS accuracy using all available GNSS data.

NovAtel CORRECT with PPP utilises TerraStar-C corrections delivering robust 4 centimeter accuracy with instant re-convergence to provide accurate positioning, around the world, anytime .

TerraStar-C is an advanced GNSS correction service that provides additional information, including higher rate clock and orbit corrections, and makes PPP ambiguity resolution possible. The benefits of using TerraStar-C corrections include improved accuracy, faster initial convergence, and faster reconvergence after GNSS outages.

In order to use the TerraStar-C service, a subscription must be purchased for each receiver.

Accurate, reliable and precise position and time measurements are crucial for land, air and sea operations where effects from diverse sources must be coordinated in space and time.

NovAtel GNSS technology addresses the needs of Navigation Warfare (NAVWAR), including Electronic Protection, Electronic Support and Electronic Attack. This equipment ensures continuous positioning even in the face of interference and jamming. New techniques provide users with the ability to detect, locate and characterize interference sources. And use of our specialized jammers will help train users in the presence of deliberate GNSS denial.

Multi-constellation capabilities ensure maximum signal availability while proprietary software such as NovAtel CORRECT with RTK provides centimetre-level accuracy for precise operations. Augmented systems, such as our SPAN® GNSS + Inertial technology ensure continual navigation in difficult environments.