Navigation Engineering & 3D Spatial Sciences

Navigation Engineering & 3D Spatial Sciences

Software Modelling, Simulation & Analysis Library

Modelling and Simulation M&S is used to characterise how GNSS systems will behave well before actually being deployed in real life. More generally, M&S uses mathematical models, including emulators, prototypes and stimulators, to develop data as a basis for making appropriate managerial and/or technical decisions for future project directions. When validated through field trials, theoretical M&S processes do accurately predict real world user experiences, the engineering team gaining valuable tools for:

Our modelling, simulation and Analysis suite of software tools spans several key areas associated with GNSS project delivery, and then, it’s ongoing system maintenance, including:

GNSS RF Spectrum & Propagation Modelling Tools

This tool suite was originally developed to support the GRIFFIN project, however, they are now offered to customers as useful planning tools or viewing tools to support RFI activities. These tools will work with either the GRIFFIN product family, OR, NovAtel’s OEM7 Receivers. For further information refer to document downloads.

3D Object Motion Visualisation & Analysis Tools

This tool suite is used to support only 3D-SAM real time operations, as such, other 3D formats are not supported.

GNSS Signal Data Analysis tools

This is a suite analysis tools original developed to support GNSS environmental monitoring and analysis work associated with the former AirServices GRAS project. For more information please contact Engineering Support.

GNSS Simulator Motion Generators

This suite of tools are typically used to aid in the generation of motion files (*.MOT) for different vehicles and 3D objects in the SIMGEN environment.
For more detail on any of these tools please contact the services team.