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GRIFFIN 1000 (Single Frequency)

GRIFFIN 1000 (Single Frequency)

GRIFFIN 1000 is fully automatic for unattended operation and remote access support. Detailed remote supervisory displays of real-time operational performance and spectral processing are also provided.

The GPS/GNSS-L1 signals are most commonly used by the lower cost consumer electronic products, typically providing basic precision positioning and timing services to the broader communities. Most of the global users GPS/GNSS-L1 signals are non critical, so, any temporary interruption to the GPS/GNSS navigation signal availability at either personal or business levels, is simply an inconvenience, which hopefully is relatively short lived.

However, there some GPS/GNSS-L1 users that are significantly more dependant on continuous L1 signal availability, for either “Safety of Life” (SOL), or, “High Commercial Value” (HCV) type missions. These users would typically include:

It’s exactly these SOL/HCV users that the GRIFFIN-1000 was designed for. Providing cost effective RF Spectrum Management Tools that help to identify exactly where the RFI issues are arising from. So that the SOL/HCV user can quickly characterise the problem, apply immediate effective mitigation strategies, and then, eventually engage the appropriate law enforcement agency to solve the source RFI issue.