Navigation Engineering & 3D Spatial Sciences

Navigation Engineering & 3D Spatial Sciences

GRIFFIN 2000 (Multi Frequency / Multi Constellation)

GRIFFIN 2000 (Dual Frequency/Multi Constellation)

Dealing with Jammers, by harnessing the synergies between AOA and TDOA processing, the system is able to both detect and geo-locate a broad variety of RFI signal types with accuracies of a few metres.

GRIFFIN 2000 is fully automatic for unattended operation and remote access support. Detailed remote supervisory displays of real-time operational performance and spectral processing are also provided.

GPS/GNSS applications that are using two or more frequencies, are typically, Users that are involved either Defence, or, civilian codeless Real Time Kinematic (RTK) type applications. In these situations, continuous access to GPS/GNSS signals in two or more frequency bands is essential for both their required levels of availability and/or navigation performance. These users would typically include:

It’s exactly these multi frequency SOL/HCV users that the GRIFFIN-2000 was designed for. Providing cost effective RF Spectrum Management Tools simultaneously across two frequency bands that help to identify exactly where ny RFI issues are arising from. Like for the GRIFFIN-1000, for these SOL/HCV users they can quickly characterise the RFI problems, apply immediate effective mitigation strategies, and then, eventually engage the appropriate law enforcement agency to solve the source RFI issues.