Backup Anti-Collision System (BACS)

As 3D-SAM due to it’s 3D spatial awareness”, (3D volume occupations and orientations) all immersed in a real time 3D computational environment (identical to modern 3D gaming technologies) makes it a perfect choice to function as either the primary or secondary anti-collision protection layer. Protection for complex machines either working alone in complex 3D environments, OR, in-conjunction with other machines working within a region. Our 3D-SAM BACS technology targets larger high value machine installations by facilitating both “self”, and other, “adjacent moving machines”, plus surrounding static object situational awareness.

There are some distinct advantages for using GNSS satellite navigation sensors for 3D-SAMs BACS type applications, these being;

  • Absolute Navigation

The external GNSS sensors to are essentially an “absolute” sensor technology each precisely determining their 3D location in the global WGS84 geodetic coordinate frame directly. Whereas, all other industrial automation electromechanical sensors are typically “relative” positioning technologies and which then require additional processing to derive actual 3D positions.

  • Continuous Measurement Integrity

GNSS provides continuous measurements integrity assessments, delivering comprehensive insight into the sensors operational status. All GNSS satellite measurements are independently checked for integrity to aviation industry accepted standards and then are further validated against known mechanical constraints associated with the actual size and shape of each machine. These measurements are then potential further validated against the permanent static 3D surfaces (rails, concrete pads, aprons etc..) that the machines might be constrained to.

  • True 3D Spatial Anti-Collision Intelligence

By utilising high fidelity 3D models for both the machines and the immersed environment when coupled with the absolute positioning sensor, BACS is able to very rapidly deliver true precise 3D positional information on any machine’ surface extremity’s and that of adjacent machines. Automatically computing critical separation vectors between adjacent machines surfaces as defined by the internal 3D survey grade models and their respective navigational information. Unlike other Anti-collision systems which are typically “rule based” dependent on encoder values, or, “bubble area” approaches, BACs works on the machine model surfaces, delivering genuine 3D spatial anti collision intelligence.

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Backup Anti-Collision System (BACS)
Backup Anti-Collision System (BACS)

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