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At this event, GPSat Systems is proud to showcase our world-leading REGIONAL – RESILENT Position Navigation & Time (PNT) Technology.

GPS/GNSS is incredibly effective navigation assisted service, but it is vulnerable to either deliberate or accidental Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) jamming of the terrestrial GPS receivers. Experience has taught through many painful lessons that ongoing “avoidance and augmentation” alone are NOT enduring strategies, and that only effective “eradication” leads to assurance of reliable and assured PNT operation.

Through a dedicated team of engineers and scientists from GPSat Systems, UniAdelaide, and UniNSW combining expertise in RF electronics design, geodetic, defence radar phased array engineering, weak RF signal numerical processing and numerous other technologies, have all carefully been blended into the very unique GRIFFIN project.

Having successfully completing past DSTO Capability Technology Demonstrator (CTD) project in 2017, and more recently, Defence Innovation Hub (DIH) Phase 3 Initial Production Demonstrator in 2020, GRIFFIN with its mid-TRL7 ranking is now moving onto further Wide Area/ Regional (northern SA) testing in 2021/22.

Many past leaders have quipped, “the BEST defence is a GOOD offence”.

Strategies for delivering Assured PNT are broken down into 3 distinct categories where only GRIFFIN offers a REGIONAL proactive interdictory response to:

Eradicate: Stop RF transmissions at the source

Toughen: Harden the PNT sensors with CRPA antennas, SAASM and/or M-Code Receivers, but each of these only reduce the impact for a single vehicle/ asset

Augmentation: Uses dissimilar navigation sensors, such as, IMUs, LIDAR and Quantum Clocks (future) to provide additional single vehicle/ asset protection

GRIFFIN’s field Sensor Nodes (SNs) are designed as rugged extremely sensitive GPS RF environment surveillance installations. Regionally monitoring both the real GPS space signals, (for array calibration and enhanced RF spectrum whitening), while also, omni directionally hunting for menacing RFI signals within the GPS bands. All RFI signals of any nature, including RF Jamming and/ or GPS Signal Spoofing (J&S) are instantly detected and targeted.

GRIFFIN’s advanced GPS phased array antenna and electronic suite generates highly accurate Angle of Arrival (AOA) measurements to multiple long range RFI threats simultaneously, well before they effect regional GPS User Equipment. Centrally combining several spatially diverse SN AOA data sets, then facilitates very precise Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) determination of the RFI/s transmission geolocation/s (Lat/Lon/Elev).

GRIFFIN’s field SNs don’t need to be STATIC/ fixed location, but may also provide integrated multifunctional DYNAMIC platform support to ADFs operational assets. Allowing GRIFFINs operational surveillance coverage to be extended to regions surrounding the platform (engagement zones), while also providing Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA) signal feed to platform’s internal GPS navigation suite.

Future multifunctional GRIFFIN systems that effectively combine STATIC deployed infrastructure protection SNs with their long range/ “stand back” surveillance capabilities, with forward DYNAMIC multiple ADF asset Engagement Zone synthetic aperture RFI threat tracking delivers a very power options to deal with terrestrial GPS J&S threats.  

REGIONAL RESILIENT PNT  =  Eradication of RFI by Effective Interdiction

As a subset of the overall GRIFFIN technology family, EMBASSY is a reduced performance civilian GNSS RFI monitoring geolocation suite of solutions for global civic regional law enforcement, covering smaller urban areas. The small all-in-one-box internally combined AOA+TDOA operation utilises signals from the external connected Qty 16 GNSS antenna elements. Embassy is ideal for either permanent roof top installations (à la Embassy), OR, equally suited to compact mobile Transit Van redeployment missions moving regularly between RFI troubling areas.

EMBASSY with its Qty 16 x GNSS RF Receiver input cores, can be reconfigured into many different GNSS multiband mission applications. The adjacent image depicts a two by Qty 8 element antenna arrays, with the corresponding theoretical Dilution of Precision (DOP) RFI threat geolocation accuracy, over several hundred square metres.

With integrated multiband GNSS antennas and corresponding GNSS Receiver cores, Embassy provides seamless RFI monitoring across the three GNSS bands, (L1, L2 and L5). Embassy is initially being offered in a 2×8 configuration, but future versions will include 4×4 and 1×16 options.

EMBASSY with a 2×8 antenna configuration mounted on a surveillance van, is the perfect solution for “stand-back” remote monitoring and RFI threat geolocation covering modern transport corridors. With two high gain directional antenna arrays directly pointing and tracking the RFI source in motion, there is no doubt where the RFI signal is emanating from.

The 2×8 array solution with the very high directional gain provided by each advance phased array signal combining algorithms, delivers very weak / long range performance, maintaining constant RFI threat geolocation lock over very wide areas.

GPS / GNSS is an essential enabling technology, extensively relied upon at many building and critical infrastructure locations. Any RFI disruptions to GNSS Receiver PNT operations at these locations have potentially huge safety and cost consequences.

Many international manufacturers of leading GNSS equipment make large/ bold claims of substantial J&S resilience, through the inclusion of adaptive frontend RF filters, enhanced spoofer detection algorithms, etc. However, these are all patchwork/ victim solutions, only effective under certain conditions while attempting to avoid the problem. For comprehensive and enduring civil infrastructure protection, only EMBASSY through its RFI weak signal detection and precision geolocation capabilities delivers the ultimate solution.

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