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GVTE GBAS VHF Transmissions Emulator


Prior to permanent GBAS/GRAS Ground infrastructure installation, many engineering issues associated with proper site selection and signal propagation characteristics need to be thoroughly investigated. Deficiencies in preinstallation site testing can lead to expensive project overruns and costly delays. The GVT Emulator is designed as an easy to use low cost test solution to assist in GRAS/GBAS pre-installation engineering risk mitigation studies. The GVT Emulator system consists of a standard NovAtel OEMV Receiver loaded with specialised internal firmware (API) configured to directly control the Telerad EM-9009A D8PSK VHF Transmitter (80 watts) and generate in real time either RTCA DO-246C GBAS Type 1,2,4 and/or GRAS Type 101 messages for any defined D8PSK slot.
Main features comprising the GVT Emulator are:
Main hardware items comprising the GVT Emulator are:
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