About Us


Since 1993 GPSat Systems has been totally committed to GNSS satellite navigation technology innovation and it’s ever evolving practical application to real world problems. We assist both government and business embrace this new technology using world’s best engineering practices and products as they come available. We tackle the GNSS technical challengers that others won’t touch.!! Only the best solutions for our customers..!

About Us

Our Product Innovation

Supported by a strong team of professional engineers, industry partners and associated research scientists, we develop and deliver a range of world class innovative GNSS products focused on unique industrial applications not typically addressed by the mass consumer electronic market. Substantial improvements for our customers in productivity, efficiency, safety and environmental outcomes are our continuous product Research & Development motivators. If it doesn’t exist, we build it..!

  • 3D-SAM         Real time 3D multi object interactive navigation in immersive 3D environments
  • GRIFFIN       Precision Geo-Location of RF interference and spoofing in GNSS bands
  • SCORPion    Scalable GNSS Navigation Processors for unusual IOT data applications


Our Technical Services

Products and technical consultancy services to support customer high technology GNSS/ navigation projects. Highly skilled and experienced GNSS Engineers with all the necessary supporting tools to deliver these projects on time, on-budget with no risk. Get GPSat’s GNSS / navigation experts on the job from day-one.

  • Test Equipment                   GNSS Simulators, RF Measurement, GNSS & IMUs
  • Consulting Engineering   Expert Engineers in Electrical, Geomatics & Computer Science
  • Analytic Services                 Extensive GNSS Hardware & Software tools suites

About Us

Our Industry Leading Partners

From our inception, GPSat has distributed the world’s leading industrial GNSS products to Australian and New Zealand markets, and when required, provided ongoing technical support. For our customer GNSS / navigation projects, only the best category item from our partners will do.. We don’t worry about the rest..!

  • NovAtel                     Elite professional GNSS Sensors and Software
  • Spirent                     Industry leading GNSS Signal Simulation Tools
  • GPS Networking  Elite profession GNSS RF Signal Distribution products
  • Antcom                    Extensive range of professional GNSS / Comms Antennas.